Sunday, October 29, 2006

Michigan is for (dog) Lovers

With apologies to the Commonwealth of Virginia's old tourism slogan, Ex has to say that Michigan is also a great state for lovers... of dogs.

It seems a man who lives near the metropolis known as Bay City got a hankering for some sex. With a dog.

But wait, it gets worse - In full of view of a day care center.

But wait it gets more worse - the dog was dead.

Wait! - still even more worserer - for four or five days.

The guy's been charged with "crimes against nature." Normally, Ex would complain that that law sounds pretty vague, but when the ExLawyer tries to imagine what a "crime against nature" might be, having sex with a rigor-mortified canine outside of a day care center does seem to fit the bill.

If you live in Bay City-Saginaw Metroplex and you are wondering if you need to lock up your pets now - breathe easier, the canine Casanova is being held on a $500,000 bond. One person Ex know won't be bailing him out- his girlfriend. It was her dog.

In case you doubt Ex, here's the link


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